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Spirit of Sarajevo

The ACF is proud to announce our first collaboration with the Sarajevo Arts Project, to present the sidebar "Spirit of Sarajevo." Festival films from Southeast Europe have been chosen by Belgrade film critic Mr. Nenad Dukic and by Los Angeles-based chief of the Sarajevo Arts Project, Ms. Vera Mijojlic. The new bi-continental non-profit organization will be Los Angeles' first major cinema and arts forum dedicated exclusively to the promotion of cinema and cultural exchange from southeast Europe. "Spirit of Sarajevo" will also feature appearances by, and discussions with, some of the films' leading talents.

Cheese and Jam
(Kajmak in Marmelada)

Slovenia 2003 90 Min. color 35mm

Directed by Branko Djuric (one of the leading actors in "No Man's Land," a story of a man drawn into the world of refugee smuggling and other nefarious activities in order to keep his wife happy and food on the table. Djuric will introduce the film and answer questions after the screening. The film tells a story about a couple from the bottom of the social ladder. It is also about smuggling the refugees across the border and other suspicious activities that a man becomes involved in, in order to earn money and make his woman happy.

Director and screenplay: Branko Djuric
Directory of photography: Sven Pepeonik
Music: Sasha Losic
Editor: Miran Miosic
Producer: Janez Jauh

Director Djuric is one of the most recognizable faces in the cinema of the Balkans. He was the lead actor in the Academy Award-winning "No Man's Land," and the enormously popular pre-war cult classic TV series, "The Top List Of The Surrealists." "I was born in Sarajevo. My mother was a Muslim, my father a Serb. I came to Slovenia as a refugee. My film is a collection of experiences lived by my friends, and of my own (also mixed) marriage. I don't divide people by nationality, but rather (if I really must) as the Beatles and Stones fans, or ultimately as good and bad. In my film I tried to depict the worst in bad Slovenians and bad Bosnians. It's a film about those who are mixed - my parents, myself, and my children. Although it shows the dark side of life, it is still a love story."

Casting-A South East Europe Transition Film

Serbia and Montenegro / Germany 2003 52 min. color Beta SP
Sex, survival, Serbia, pantyhose?what do they have in common? The women who audition for a part in the pantyhose commercial suddenly become characters in this documentary, which reflects the problems of a Serbian society in transition.

Director: Goran Radovanovic
Director of Photography: Radoslav Vladic
Music: Nemanja Mosurovic
Editor: Dejan Petrovic
Producer: Goran Radovanovic

Born in Belgrade in 1957, Goran Radovanovic graduated in art history from Belgrade's Faculty of Philosophy in 1982. He has been a film critic as well as a writer and director of features and documentaries. In 1994 he turned to documentary film and cooperation with independent media (B92 and production group "Mreza"). In 1996 he founded independent production company "Principal Film" which features some of the most prominent Serbian freelance film artists. Filmography (selected): Oktoberfest (1987); Vizantija 1988 Byzantium 1988 (1988); Columba urbica (1994); U krugu drugom Second Circle (1998); Moja domovina -za unutra - nju upotrebu My country - for internal use only (2000); Maketa Model House (2001); Casting - A South East Europe Transition Film (2003)


Four short films from Bosnia and Herzegovina

North Went Mad (Sjever je poludio)

Bosnia Herzegovina 2003 19 min. Director: Aida Begic

An eighteen year old girl is murdered during a football game. After the murder her body travels from hand to hand. Everyone who gets in touch with the corpse thinks that he was the one who murdered her. In the meantime, back at home, the girl's mother is finishing her daughter's prom dress?

Ten Minutes (Deset minuta)

Bosnia Herzegovina 2002 10 min. Director: Ahmed Imamovic

Debut director Imamovic follows two parallel stories taking place in 1992 at the onset of the war in Bosnia: one about a family of Japanese tourists in Rome waiting to get their sightseeing pictures developed, and the tragedy of a family in Sarajevo under siege. The scene with the Sarajevo family is a 6-minute long continuous take, a sweeping testimony of the war time.

Survived And Remained One More Day
(Ost'o i opst'o jos jedan dan)

Bosnia Herzegovina 2003 documentary, 13 min. Director: Alma Becirevic

In the best tradition of the celebrated Bosnian documentary filmmakers, young first-time director Alma Becirevic tells a powerful story of a single mother in a small Bosnian town who got the only job available: cleaning the mine fields. The emotions run high as this determined young woman goes about her high-risk work on a daily basis.

The Key From Spain: Songs and Stories of Flory Jagoda

Bosnia Herzegovina 2000 documentary 40 min. Director: Ankica Petrovic

A folksinger carries on the living traditions of Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain in 1492, many of whom retain the keys to their former houses there.

Loving Glances (Sjaj u ocima)

Serbia and Montenegro / United Kingdom 2003 97 min. color 35mm

A love story of refugees which takes place in 1990s Belgrade. "Loving Glances" is a charming, ironic and bittersweet romantic comedy. It won awards at the international film festival in Monte Carlo for the best screenplay and music.

Director, screenplay: Srdjan Karanovic
Director of Photography: Radan Popovic
Music: Zoran Simjanovic
Sound: Vladan Korac-Koki
Editor: Branka Ceperac
Production: Yodi Movie Craftsman/Film and Music Entertainment, the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Media, Karic Foundation and Radio-Television Serbia
Cast: Senad Alihodzic, Ivana Bolanca, Jelena Dokic, Milena Dravic, Gorica Popovic

Srdjan Karanovic was born in Belgrade and studied film and television at the FAMU film academy in Prague. In addition to the many feature films he has made over the past three decades, he has directed numerous short films and documentaries for Belgrade television. Filmography (selected): Social Game (1972); The Fragrance of Wild Flowers (1978); Something in Between (1983); A Film With No Name (1988); Loving Glances (2003).